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Dark Reader for Windows

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  • Version: 3.4.3

Free low light browsing app

Dark Reader is a free browser plug-in which adjusts displayed colours. Set the brightness levels and displayed colours of websites to a less intense level for sensitive eyes or night-time browsing.

Late night lights

As using electronic devices late at night has become more common, it is important to understand the impact that this can have on an individual. Certain shades of light, in particular blues, in the evening can cause disruption to our sleep patterns. This is why apps like Dark Reader can be useful for those struggling to maintain regular sleep habits. By adjusting the colours of websites late at night, this app creates a softer looking image with darker shades. Unlike some similar apps, Dark Reader features a range of settings which make easy customisation simple. Choose from a range of fonts, brightness levels, grayscaling and more within a single drop down menu. The free download also comes with hot keys for easy switching between schemes, but does have a tendency to slow down and potentially cause lag with older systems.

Custom settings

Dark Reader is a great choice for late night browsing. The app has a much larger range of settings than similar offerings alongside useful hot keys, making it perfect for those looking for a little more control.


  • Free download
  • Custom features


  • Can cause lag on sites
  • Incompatible with some displays


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Dark Reader


Dark Reader 3.4.3 for PC


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